New Ford Mustang Boss 302

Inspired by the 1969 Mustang Boss, Ford say this new Mustang Boss 302 is their “quickest, best handling” Mustang ever.

With the BMW M3 as their benchmark, the Mustang GT on which the Boss 302 is based has been strengthened and lightened, while a new air intake and camshaft boosts the 5.0L V8’s power from 406 to 434bhp. Higher rate coil springs, stiffer suspension bushings, a larger rear stabilizer bar, 14-inch Brembo front brakes, a race clutch and a close-ratio six speed manual gearbox have also been fitted.

The Boss 302 will also come with adjustable shock absorbers and a speed-sensitive electronic steering system with three modes: comfort, normal and sport. A limited-slip differential will be an option.

Exterior changes include a new front grille and splitter and lightweight 19-inch alloy wheels. On the inside there are redesigned instruments, an alcantara covered steering wheel and dark metal trim pieces. Recaro sports seats will be an option.

Ford engineers have called the Mustang Boss 302 “a race car with a license plate” and believe that it can match an M3 around the Laguna Seca track.

For those who want to beat an M3 though, there will be a Laguna Seca special edition Boss 302. This removes the rear seats and fits race-spec suspension, bigger front and rear spoilers, a stiffer body and a stiffer chassis.

Source: Autocar

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