Suzuki delaying US launch of the Swift

Suzuki has had to delay the US launch of the Swift while they work out a global product strategy with their new partner Volkswagen.

Moreover, Suzuki is also keeping an eye on the growing strength of the yen against the dollar, which has already caused them to cut their US marketing budget.

The Swift was due to make its North American comeback this autumn, after being absent since 2001. However, due to the reasons stated above, the launch has been moved back to some time in 2011.

Engineering changes for the US market are nearly complete, but Suzuki and Volkswagen are reviewing their product strategies, and have had to delay the launch for this. Moreover, pricing changes may have to be made due to the rising strength of the yen. We hope they can work this all out and get the great little car over here soon.

Source: AutoWeek

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