Citroen bringing Lacoste concept car to Paris Motor Show

Citroen will be bringing a new concept car, dubbed the Lacoste, to the Paris Motor Show. While it does look like something crazy which will never make it to production, styling cues from this may make their way onto the next-gen Citroen C1, mainly from the front end.

The concept is part of a partnership with the French fashion house its name has been taken from. Lacoste’s name also appeared on special edition Peugeot 205s during the 1980s.

Instead of conventional doors and a roof, a bar runs down the middle, from the top of the windscreen to the trunk. The bar supports handles aiding access to the rear seats, the front headrests, and a bright yellow soft-top, which automatically inflates when it rains. To give it an even greater feeling of “open space”, the front windscreen can slide down out of sight.

As far as luggage space goes, it’s pretty limited. The rear bench can slide back to make space behind the front seats, and there are a couple of covered spaces in the dashboard and under the bench seats. However, this probably wasn’t meant to be a practical car in the first place. It’s just a plain mad concept car, and if the next C1 looks anything like it, I’m looking forward to it.

Source: Autocar

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