Ferrari may present fuel-efficient California prototype in Paris

Ferrari may be presenting a fuel-efficient California prototype at the Paris Motor Show this month.

Unlike most fuel-efficient prototype cars nowadays, this won’t use a super-advanced hybrid system, a hydrogen engine, or anything else like that. Instead, Ferrari has decided they will improve upon the efficiency of the California’s internal combustion engine.

To help them achieve maximum efficiency, they will use a very efficient direct injection system, as well as cylinder deactivation, and reduce internal engine friction. Moreover, a braking energy recovery system will be installed (Known as KERS), aerodynamics will be improved for lower drag, and advanced composites will help reduce weight.

Source: (translated) via Autoblog

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  1. HYDROGEN ON DEMAND SYSTEMS are the way to go. They do give you everything. They give you range, competitive capital and operating costs, they are clean, don’t require the grid, they give you better performance than current cars. If we just were to invest a little money into hydrogen infrastructure, we would be on our way to energy independence, low cost, and environmentally friendly driving. Look up what the U.S. DOE has to say, the Argonne National Laboratory, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. Let’s get on with it already

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