Mercedes to succeed Active Body Control with… Magic Body Control?

Mercedes is reportedly working on a successor to their Active Body Control system, called Magic Body Control. Yes, you read that correctly, magic. It’s even got a suitable nickname: Magic Carpet.

Magic Body Control will, just like it predecessor, reduce NVH levels, as well as bodyroll. Using advanced hydraulics, it manages two frequencies of movement: one at the wheels, and one at the body. This allows for the elimination of 80 percent of the vibration and harshness the wheels encounter.

However, Magic Body Control is just part of the story. Mercedes is working on a whole range of Magic features and options, one of which will be a Magic Sky Control sunroof for the Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class. Magic Sky Control uses a “magnetorheological” glass system to gain the ability to change from almost completely clear to dark blue, and unlike many sunroofs, it will not impact headroom. This glass system can, in the future, be used for side windows, rear windows, and even front windows, eliminating the need for sun visors. Magic Sky Control will be released in 2011.

Moreover, two more “Magic” technologies are on the way, the details of which have not been disclosed.

Magic Body Control will be offered after Magic Sky Control, in 2012 and 2013 with the S-Class and CL-Class. The two undisclosed technologies will follow after.

Source: Inside Line

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