Next Dodge Viper and Jeep pickup were reportedly present at Chrysler dealership conference

Reports are suggesting that the next-generation Dodge Viper, as well as a Jeep pickup, were present at a Chrysler dealership conference last Tuesday.

The Viper was said to have an all-new design, with an aggressive greenhouse and angular body. The powertrain is supposedly still undecided, but it is said that the 8.4L V10 out of the old Viper could carry on, maybe even with Fiat’s MultiAir technology to cut down on emissions and bump the output up to 700 hp. A entry-level V8 option could also be in the works, and as for handling, Ferrari engineers will likely be involved in tuning that.

A Jeep pickup similar to the Gladiator concept was also supposedly present. It was a hybrid, still in concept form, and production has not been confirmed.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Autoblog

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