Photos of next-generation SSC Ultimate Aero leak

Photos of the Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero II have leaked onto the internet.

This new styling is a much needed improvement over the first-generation, which looked a bit like a cheap kit car. While I’m not too sure about whether or not I like that front end, the rest of the car looks great, and even if the front isn’t very good, at least it looks like some styling effort was put into it.

A video of the car being revealed to a select group of people at Pebble Beach has also been leaked (You can see it below). However, the video does not show the car. Company founder Jarrod Shelby does give us a tiny bit of info though, saying that full-scale running prototypes will be ready by mid-2011, and that the final production model “will not get watered down.”

No more info is available as of now, but the car is set to be revealed sometime this month.

Source: Jalopnik

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