The KTM X-Bow R: As if the X-Bow wasn’t hardcore enough

KTM has launched an R variant of the X-Bow, making blisteringly quick track-day car even more hardcore.

The R will be powered by a 300 bhp variant of the engine out of an Audi S3. The engine will be positioned lower than in the standard X-Bow for a lower centre of gravity.

It will be available with two optional packages: a road legal Sport package, and a Race package, which makes it a track-only car.

Owners of the standard X-Bow don’t have to replace their car if they want an R, as they can simply order the parts off of it for their standard X-Bow.

The full list of changes has yet to be revealed, but KTM promises that the car will be significantly quicker than the standard X-Bow.

Source: Autocar

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