Toyota finally gets around to addressing Tundra bed bounce complaints

Toyota has finally gotten around to addressing Tundra bed bounce complaints, which first started back in 2007, with a Technical Service Bulletin.

The TSB affects Tundra DoubleCab models from 2007 and onwards. They claim that it goes as far as making the inevitable body shake condition better than the competition.

The fix is quite simple. The two rear bushings are replaced with new, softer ones, resulting in a significant reduction in the bouncing condition. The process is said to take about an hour.

Press Release

The Tundra performs similarly to other long wheelbase trucks on choppy, broken concrete surfaces. The enhanced cab mounts of this TSB reduce the amplitude of body vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces, but they do NOT eliminate the sensation entirely. Customers should be counseled that they will experience an improvement in the condition and their truck will perform better than competitors in identical conditions, but some body shake is a normal and unavoidable condition in certain situations with this type of vehicle.

Source: Tundra Headquarters

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