Fiat reveals two new Uno variants in Sao Paulo

Fiat has revealed two new variants of the Uno supermini at the Sao Paulo Auto Show.

The first is the Uno Concept Cabrio, a convertible concept based on the Uno. This has just two doors, and will only fit two people, as the folding roof takes up the space where the rear doors used to be.

The Concept Cabrio gets a stiffened and lowered chassis, 17-inch low profile tires, and a 152 hp turbocharged 1.4L four-cylinder engine, propelling the car to a top speed of 124 mph.

The modifications aren’t all under the skin however. The Concept Cabrio receives new bumpers and air intakes, a front lip spoiler, and LED taillamps. On the interior, a three-spoke steering wheel is fitted, as well as two-tone leather seats and aluminum pedals and trim.

The second Uno variant shown in Sao Paulo is the Uno Sporting. This is a new trim level for the production car, designed to add a little sportiness to the little car. Powering the Uno Sporting will be an 85 horsepower 1.4L engine.

The Sporting is equipped with slightly stiffer and lower suspension, as well as new 15-inch wheels and tires. Fiat has also given it some aerodynamic tweaks and black exterior accents. On the interior, customers will be treated to a leather-wrapped steering wheel, custom seat fabric, and an onboard computer.

Source: Inside Line

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