Fiat uses online input to create Mio concept car

Fiat has used online input from over 17,000 people to create the Mio concept car, revealed at the Sao Paulo Auto Show.

The car is a tiny city runabout with a length just under 2.5m. That’s smaller than a Smart Fortwo. It has a minimalistic design approach to the exterior, with camouflaged headlamps and a large glass roof. It also looks very futuristic, and has covered wheels for added efficiency.

The interior features advanced technology such as mobile phone integration and a touchscreen. Fiat says the car is “designed for a world where the driver can be simply a passenger and can have the vehicle controlled through intelligent means.”

The Mio was created using input from 17,000 contributors on a website. Fiat’s design boss, Peter Fassbender, said: “A good designer tries to realise the wishes of everyone, and with this concept car we were truly working on everybody’s behalf.”

Source: Autocar

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