V-Vehicles restarts under Next Autoworks name

Calfornia-based car company V-Vehicles has restarted itself under the Next Autoworks name.

The company began telling us about plans to make an energy-efficient small car running on compressed natural gas back in 2006. The car was to be made at a former GM plant in Louisiana. However, those plans fell through. Now the company has restarted under the Next Autoworks name, and will be ran by Kathleen Ligocki. She has been a high-ranking executive at Ford, CEO of Tower Automotive, and most recently, ran GS Motors in Mexico.

The car, which we’ve only seen teasers of like the one at the beginning of this article, has been designed by former Mazda chief designer Tom Matano. Perhaps this fresh start will allow the car to finally reveal itself.

Source: Inside Line via Autoblog

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