TVR to make a comeback in 2012 with Corvette power

TVR company owner Nikolai Smolenski says that the company will make a comeback in 2012 with a Corvette-powered convertible.

The car, dubbed the MD-1, is based on the Tuscan convertible, but with several aesthetic and technical tweaks. It will run on 19-inch wheels, with power coming from the LS9 6.2L V8 out of a Corvette, putting out 638 bhp in the MD-1.

This car was originally set to be revealed in July at the Goodwood Moving Motor Show, but a falling-out between Smolenski and the company responsible for the car’s development put those plans on hold. The development has now been handed over to UK-based AC Heritage. Production, however, may not be based in the UK.

“Production will be outsourced,” says Smolenski. “We have received offers from Jimmy Prize in South Africa and plenty of others from England. […] I would naturally prefer to work with firms such as Caterham or Lotus, but it’s unlikely that the former would be able to do it, and the latter wouldn’t represent good value for money. But it’s equally possible that I wouldn’t go back to the UK at all, and could set myself up somewhere in Germany.”

Wherever it’s built, TVR plans to make 250 units a year. However, the MD-1 isn’t the only car in the works. There’s also a three-seater MD-2 on the way, as well as an MD-3, which Smolenski says is something “totally different and more imposing”.

Source: PistonHeads | Image credit: The Car Spy / CC BY 2.0

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