Buick GL8 previewed ahead of November 28 debut in China

Buick is giving us a preview of the new GL8 minivan ahead of its debut on November 28th in China.

While we only found a Chinese press release, we were able to extract some information from a rather poor online translation.

Based on the Buick Business Concept, the GL8 will be marketed as a “luxury business car” rather than a minivan. It’s certainly got the look, and while not much of the interior has been revealed yet, so far it looks quite luxurious.

Power will come from either a 3.0L V6 or 2.4L inline-four, both connected to a six-speed automatic gearbox. It’s unknown if the car will be sold outside of China, but we wouldn’t count on it.

Press Release (Chinese)



2010年11月5日 上海通用汽车宣布,近期市场高度关注的全新别克GL8豪华商务车将于本月28日正式发布,这款专为领跑中国经济的领军企业量身打造的全新产品将为国内 MPV市场翻开崭新一页。承载别克GL8享誉十载的品牌口碑,全新别克GL8豪华商务车在设计、动力、操控、科技等各方面都实现了自我超越,开创了国产豪华公商务MPV新纪元。

全新别克GL8豪华商务车沿袭了2009年上海车展亮相的别克商务概念车的设计理念,其充满现代气息的流畅线条、立体直瀑式格栅、多维蓝光 Bi-Xenon HID前大灯、360度环抱一体式内饰设计、冰蓝环绕氛围灯等设计元素,都传承并发扬了全新一代别克家族的经典设计语言,融大气、尊贵于动静之间,引领了豪华商务车的设计趋势。作为别克品牌的全新力作,该车荟萃尖端科技,无论是占据动力科技制高点的3.0L V6 SIDI智能直喷发动机、享誉全球的2.4L Ecotec发动机以及与之完美匹配的六速手自一体变速箱,还是超高强度车身设计、OnStar安吉星全时在线助理、别克高标准Quiet tuning静音科技等,都展现了国内MPV市场前所未有的豪华科技配置,为用户提供了非凡尊贵体验,缔造了豪华公商务座驾的全新境界。


Press Release (Online translation, we’re not responsible for any errors)

New Buick GL8 luxury car business November 28 debut dress
Opening up a new era of luxury MPV public business

November 5, 2010 Shanghai General Motors announced a new recent market attention Buick GL8 luxury car business will be officially released on March 28, for leading this leader in the Chinese economy of new products tailored will open a new page in China MPV market. A Decade of renowned Buick GL8 bearing the brand reputation, the new Buick GL8 luxury car business in the design, power, control, technology and other areas have achieved self-transcendence, and created a new era of domestic luxury MPV public business.

New Buick GL8 luxury business car followed the Shanghai Motor Show 2009 Buick concept car design business, and its flowing lines full of modern, three-dimensional straight waterfall grille, multi-dimensional blue Bi-Xenon HID headlamps , surrounded by 360 degree-one interior design, ice blue lights, and other design elements around the atmosphere, have a whole new generation of heritage and promote the family of classic Buick design language, into the atmosphere, distinguished between the movement to lead the luxury business car design trends. Buick brand new masterpiece, as the car blend of cutting-edge technology, both occupy the commanding heights of power technology intelligence 3.0L V6 SIDI direct injection engine, the 2.4L Ecotec engine world-renowned, and with it a perfect match six-speed manual transmission boxes, or ultra-high-strength body design, OnStar OnStar-line full-time assistant, Buick Quiet tuning mute high standard technology, have demonstrated unprecedented domestic luxury MPV market, technology configured to provide users with extraordinary distinguished experience, creating a new luxury car realm of public business.

The end of 1999, the Buick GL8 listed land-based business class opened the prelude to China’s MPV market, the past decade, with the atmosphere of modern style and luxury spacious and comfortable, the Buick GL8 series has become a national public and commercial high-end MPV market The “evergreen” and business relations of the “identity card.” The upcoming Buick GL8 luxury car business will be the leading design and technology, developing high-end market segments, and work together in the high-end MPV – Buick GL8 commercial vehicles to continue to pilot China’s MPV market.

Source: General Motors

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