Lightning GT to enter production by 2012

Lightning Car Company says that their GT electric supercar will enter production by 2012.

The GT was first shown back in 2007, but a new CEO, Tim Martin, has been appointed since, and he’s made some changes to the car. It will now be powered by a twin-motor RWD powertrain sourced from an undisclosed major German manufacturer, developing 400 bhp. This should result in a 0-60 time of well under 5 seconds. The batteries are said to last for over 100 miles.

The car is about to enter a “late prototype” stage in development. The prototype plan starts with a preliminary phase, during which two running cars are built. In the next stage, a series of additional road-ready prototypes are built to probe and refine the car for early customers. Production should begin by spring 2012, with 250 units planned every year. Prices are expected to start at £180,000 (About $292,000 USD).

Source: Autocar

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