Nissan reveals new Serena minivan

Nissan has revealed a new version of their JDM-exclusive Serena minivan, the best-selling minivan in Japan.

Underneath the redesigned body, a brand new MR20DD engine is found. It comes with direct-injection, twin Valve Timing Control, and a CVT transmission tuned specifically for this engine. Nissan claims best-in-class fuel economy thanks to a Start/Stop system.

The Serena also gets a roomier interior and plenty of new, user-friendly features. You can find out more in the press release after the gallery.

Press Release

November 8, 2010

Nissan Releases All-New Serena Minivan

YOKOHAMA (Nov. 8, 2010) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the all-new Nissan Serena minivan, which goes on sale November 29th at Nissan dealers nationwide.

Since its launch in June 1991 through the current third-generation model, Nissan Serena has been acclaimed by customers, especially families, for its roomy comfortable cabin, great drivability and versatile seat configurability. It has achieved the No.1 position in minivan sales for three consecutive years, from 2007 to 2009*1, as well as surpassing one million in cumulative units*2 sales in Japan this past February, making it an enduring bestseller since introduction.

The all-new Serena, with its advanced interior spaciousness, user-friendliness and Serena DNA, now adds best-in-class*3 fuel economy of 15.4km/L (10-15 mode)*4 to its long list of attributes. Serena is equipped with Nissan’s new Idling Stop system, which adopts an ECO motor that restarts the engine and also serves as an alternator during deceleration. The engine restarts quicker and is quieter with ECO motor, providing a natural driving feel and enhanced interior comfort.

Equipped with a newly developed direct-injection engine with Xtronic CVT, the new Serena achieves both a 25% improvement in fuel economy over 2010 standards and SU-LEV certification, emitting 75% fewer exhaust emissions than 2005 standards in every grade. This qualifies the vehicle for the tax exemption for environmentally friendly vehicles*5, which provides for a 75% reduction of both new vehicle acquisition and weight taxes.

Key features of the new Nissan Serena are:
1) Spacious Interior Space

  • A roomy cabin, where all members of the family can travel comfortably
  • A large cargo area, which accommodates large-size recreational and leisure equipment, satisfying the needs of the entire family
  • A new level of interior openness, created by a large windows, enhancing passengers’ enjoyment

2) Ease of Use

  • User-friendly features such as large luggage compartments, which provide added convenience for many different activities, including family trips
  • Cockpit with excellent visibility, making driving easier and more comfortable
  • Effortless 2nd and 3rd row ingress and egress, even for children
  • Various seat configurations, such as a walk-through mode with the Smart Multi Center Seat

3) Exciting ‘Eco’ Features

  • Best-in-class fuel economy with Idling Stop system
  • Advanced meter, which visually provides eco drive information (Multi Graphic Upper Meter)

1. Design
Serena’s smooth, flowing exterior design sets it apart from conventional minivans’ boxy styling. Its “Space Cabin” interior embraces the family, combining Serena’s symbolic, stair-like waistline, large triangular windows that provide excellent visibility and panoramic windows that offer a view of the spacious cabin from the outside.

The distinctive front mask styling with large front grille and bumper expresses a sense of unity, while the four large headlights accentuate the look of boldness. Serena also features sporty upward-slanting D pillars, beautiful crystal-like clear rear combination lamps and three-dimensional high-mounted stop lamps, which add to the impression of sportiness.

Inside, Serena’s open interior space is enhanced by the large windows and the open panoramic roof with emotional pale blue illumination. The advanced, high quality center instrument cluster includes glossy finisher and switches, while the Multi Graphic Upper Meter adopts blue and white lights to provide excellent visibility and advanced performance.

2. Driving Performance
The new Serena’s outstanding driving performance is the result of a combination of its advanced, efficient engine design with Idling Stop system, stable maneuverability and advanced aerodynamics.

The newly developed direct-injection MR20DD engine offers both excellent fuel efficiency and high torque, which are realized, in part, through improved thermal efficiency by directly injecting the fuel into the cylinder. Since the engine achieves high low-to-middle speed torque, less accelerator pressure is needed, reducing excessive fuel consumption. Stable acceleration also supports Eco-drive efforts. Improved fuel efficiency also results from use of twin VTC (Valve Timing Control) to improve intake and exhaust efficiency and efforts to reduce friction in various detailed parts. The Xtronic CVT, tuned specifically for use with the new MR20DD engine, also helps provide superb fuel efficiency, smooth response and enhanced dynamic performance.

Serena’s Idling Stop system (with ECO motor) is standard on 20X, 20G and Highway STAR models. It automatically stops the engine when the car is stationary, such as when waiting for a traffic light to change, helping Serena achieve best-in-class fuel economy. Instead of the existing gear-type engine cranking system with starter motor, a belt-type engine cranking system with ECO motor is adopted. The ECO motor restarts the engine by directly rotating a pulley, which is directly connected to the crank through the belt. The engine not only restarts in a shorter time, but noise is reduced when restarting, by eliminating use of a starter motor.

A meter display shows how long the system functions and how much fuel is saved. While Idling Stop is engaged, the air-conditioner works only as a ventilator. If the system detects an increase in interior temperature, the engine restarts and the HVAC system switches to air conditioning again to maintain a comfortable cabin environment.

The new Serena minivan also offers improved aerodynamics performance and stable maneuverability. Through use of revised front bumper and rear combination lamps shapes, air resistance is reduced by approximately 8% compared to the current model, which improves fuel efficiency. In addition, torsional rigidity is improved through use of a new circular structure for door openings. The Highway STAR grade adopts shock absorbers with high-speed damping control, which improves driving comfort in nearly every situation.

3. Packaging, Seats and Sliding Door
Compared to the previous generation, the new Serena’s interior dimensions are all increased, including the interior length, which is 300mm longer. With the largest glass front window for 5-number grade cars, great visibility for easier driving and never-before-seen openness are ensured. Triangle windows provide better visibility for the driver and the lower waistline enhances side visibility, which helps the driver see pedestrians more easily.

The impressive packaging space includes a large-capacity underfloor compartment capable of holding a baby stroller or a 9-inch golf bag horizontally, even when the 3rd row seats are in use.

As in previous generations, the new Serena offers a highly versatile interior. There are fourteen variations of seating configurations with a wide sliding range of seats and Smart Multi Center Seat, which can serve as a table or an armrest. Since the Smart Multi Center Seat moves back and forth, passengers can walk through the 2nd row to the 3rd row seats despite that it is an 8-seater. Also adopted is a Smart-up Third Seat, in which the 3rd row seat can be retracted at a lower level by an innovative link mechanism. As the retracting position is 175mm lower than the previous model, visibility for rear side windows is enhanced. For 20G models, an Easy Clean Seat covered with a special coating is adopted. Spills on this seat can be removed by wiping with wet cloth without a cleaner. Pull-down sunshades for the 2nd row windows, which shut out 90% of light, are standard on all grades.

In addition, convenience is enhanced through use of a wider slide door opening (compared to the previous model), which makes getting in and out of the vehicle while holding a child, and putting on or down child safety seats, easier. When both hands are full of baggage, the One-Touch Auto Slide Door automatically opens/closes with a single touch of a button on the door.

4. Advanced Technologies and Equipment
The new Serena also offers a range of advanced technologies and equipment, starting with the Multi Graphic Upper Meter. In addition to the speedometer and tachometer, the ECO meter is adopted to show current driving conditions. Three functions can be alternately displayed – Instant Fuel Consumption Display function, which simultaneously shows the average fuel consumption; Eco-drive Navigator function, which shows the appropriate acceleration condition based on the vehicle speed; and Idling Stop Timer function, which easily identifies how long the Idling Stop system has been functioning.

The Around View Monitor, a factory installed option on 20G and Highway STAR models, is ideal for use in garages and when parallel parking. The system utilizes a voice guidance system, simulated steering direction indicators, and reverse positioning displayed on the monitor (Parking Guide System). The front/rear wide view monitor gives priority to safety with a 180° perspective view when negotiating visibly difficult intersections and reversing from parking lots. By registering the visibly difficult intersections in the navigational map, when the vehicle stops at these points, it automatically activates the front Wide View Monitor Navigation.

Intelligent Air-conditioning System is standard on the 20G model and utilizes a high concentration Plasmacluster ion generator*6 and advanced filters (Vitamin filter) in the Intelligent Air-conditioning System. The high concentration Plasmacluster ion provides more comfortable cabin space as it helps keep the skin moisturized*7 and reduces interior odors. The Advanced filters (Vitamin filter) clean the air coming from both inside and outside the vehicle and generate Vitamin C to help keep the skin and hair moisturized.

CARWINGS Navigation System (Integrated Digital Terrestrial Signal/HDD system) is another factory-installed option. Also available as an option is the Carwings Navigational System (Integrated Digital Terrestrial Signal・HDD system). It features the most advanced map updating system available with high-speed route calculation, built-in digital with automatic signal tuner (12 SEG/ 1 SEG) and an iPod®*8 compatible entertainment system.

Finally, a large 11-inch Electronic Retractable Monitor is available as a factory-installed option on 20G and Highway STAR models. Monitor size is 1.6-times larger than the 9-inch conventional model display, allowing greater visibility even from the 2nd and 3rd row seats.

<Other Key Safety and Environmental Technologies>

  • Auto light system (linked front wipers, dawn sensors) (12G, 12G FOUR)
  • Optimum light distribution, multi-reflector halogen headlights (manual control)
  • Xenon headlamps (Factory-installed option on 20X, 20G and Highway STAR)
  • Halogen fog lamp-equipped front bumper (Standard on 20G and Highway STAR)
  • Electric retractable remote control body-colored door mirrors with integrated side turn lamps
  • LED High-Mount Stop Lamp bngtgggf
  • VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) with Traction Control System (TCS) functionality included
  • Hill Start Assist
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) + Brake Assist + EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution control system)
  • SRS curtain air bag system and SRS side air bag system for driver and front passenger (Factory-installed option on 20G and Highway STAR)
  • SRS air bag system for driver and front passenger
  • Load limiter equipped double pretensioner seatbelts for driver seat
  • Load limiter equipped pretensioner seatbelts for front passenger seat
  • Front seat Active Head Restraints
  • Second seat ISO FIX Child seat anchor (right and left)
  • High-strength body construction (Zone Body)
  • Body construction for pedestrian protection
  • Low-Friction Seatbelts
  • Seatbelt independent buckle (Standard on 20X, 20G and Highway STAR)
  • ASCD (Auto Speed Control Device) (Standard on 20X, 20G and Highway STAR)

Sales target: 5,400 units/month
Price range: 2,163,000 yen to 2,761,500 yen, including consumption tax
Sales launch events: December 11 (Sat.) – 12 (Sun.), 18 (Sat.) – 19 (Sun.), 2010

Source: Nissan

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