Volkswagen design chief says Camper revival is planned

In an interview with Auto Express, Volkswagen’s design chief Klaus Bischoff said that a revival of the classic VW Camper is planned.

Back in 2001, such plans were nearly realized, with the launch of the Microbus concept car shown above. However, the cost of putting it into production was too high, and the plans were canceled. Now though, Volkswagen is trying again.

Pretty much nothing about the car has yet been finalized, as the project is in its very early stages. Volkswagen has asked all their design teams around the world to help come up with a design, but they’re not even sure what this car will be like.

“The key question is ‘what sort of car should we build?’ It could be a traditional MPV, with a conventional interior, or we could be much bolder, designing a more flexible, versatile machine – perhaps one that is closer in spirit to the original model. It is not yet decided.” says Klaus Bischoff.

Source: Auto Express

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