Hyundai i40W previewed ahead of Geneva Motor Show

Hyundai is previewing the i40W ahead of the car’s Geneva Motor Show debut.

The i40 will be replacing the Sonata in Europe, and the i40W will be the wagon variant. However, while the wagon begins sales shortly after the show in Geneva, the sedan won’t be hitting dealership floors until the autumn of 2011.

Hyundai will offer the i40 with a range of powerplants on launch: two inline-four gasoline engines and two inline-four diesels, with a third diesel (Also an inline four) coming in the future. The gasoline lineup is made up of a entry-level 1.6L GDI with 140 horsepower, and a 2.0L with 177 hp for the top of the range. As for the diesel lineup, there will be two variants of a 1.7L CRDI, one with 115 hp and the other with 136. A 2.0L R-diesel engine will be added in the future, with 177 horsepower. It will be connected to Hyundai’s upcoming dual clutch transmission.

Interestingly, Hyundai says that the i40W will be coming to the US in 2012. We reckon it will be modified to look more like the North American Sonata, and the diesel lineup won’t be offered.

Source: Hyundai-Blog

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