Detroit 2011: GMC considering production of Sierra All Terrain HD Concept

GMC is said to be considering production of the Sierra All Terrain HD Concept, revealed this year at the Detroit Auto Show.

When asked about the possibility production, GMC communications rep Kelly Cusinato said “My understanding is that, yes [production is possible]”. It helps that the truck is based off a production truck, and uses a lot of parts from other companies which are already in production.

However, even if it does not make it into production, designer Carl Zipfel says that it is possible to replicate “everything but the lights.” However, the unique 5’8″ bed is not available on the production Sierra, and the widened track would also be a bit of a challenge. The front end would need some extensive work too, but the chassis was not modified for the shorter front.

Moreover, the exterior colour and trim finish will be available on GMC vehicles in a couple of years. “”The color is Iridium Metallic and it will be offered as a GMC exclusive color in a couple of years, and the dark anodized satin finish [around the windows],” says creative designer Gulya Kuldjanov.

Cusinato also mentioned that “There’s nothing new to add on the Granite Concept,” for any of you wondering about production plans for the Granite.

Source: Autoblog

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