Pagani Huayra officially revealed

Pagani have released the first official pictures of their new €1 million Huayra supercar.

The Huayra, pronounced ‘wirer’, was previously known as the C9 during development and is the replacement for the Zonda. According to boss, Horacio Pagani, it will be a very different kind of supercar to its predecessor.

The engine is a development of the same AMG 6.0l V12 bi-turbo that’s found in the Mercedes SL65 Black Series and will be available as a standard model with 700bhp and 664lb ft of torque or as a sport model with 730bhp and 811lb ft. Improvements on the engine include new pistons, heads, manifolds and turbos giving less turbo lag and and better throttle progression.

While there are no official performance figures yet, it is understood that Pagani have managed o-62mph in 3.6 seconds and have had the Huayra up to 230mph.

The Huayra features a seven-speed paddle-shift gearbox, built specially for Pagani by UK racing specialists XTRAC, and a three-step traction control system developed by Bosch.

This will be the first time a Pagani has been officially homologated for sale in the USA, this is thanks to the fact that the Huayra is bigger than the outgoing Zonda and can therefore accomodate much more safety equipment. Despite this size however, the car weighs just 1350kg.

This is because the entire bodywork, including the new gullwing doors, is made from carbonfibre and the tub, carbon-titanium. The use of Titanium in the construction of the tub allows it to flex instead of shattering in the event of an accident.

Pagani say the bodywork of the Huayra is designed to act like the wing of an aeroplane, using four adjustable flaps, two at the front and two at the rear, to automatically manage the airflow over the car to provide the correct downforce for any situation.

The nose of the car is also adjustable, this is not only to help it get over bumps but to help the airflow underneath the car and to keep it flat and level even under heavy braking.

The interior of the car is typical Pagani in design but it has been made much more comfortable and spacious than that of the Zonda to make longer journeys easier. There is also the addition of a touch screen sat-nav system and Bluetooth .

If Pagani can find enough customers willing to shell out €1 million for the Huayra then they will expand into the USA and China. In order to build the extra cars Pagani are currently planning to build a new factory later this year.

Sources: Autocar & Autoblog

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