Thieves steal $94,000 BMW 7 Series in Detroit during NAIAS

A BMW 7 Series brought in for executive transportation was stolen in Detroit during the North American International Auto Show.

The car was a 750i xDrive in dark grey, valued at $94,000. It was being loaded into a truck along with other cars on Wednesday at around 7:30 PM when the theft occurred. The truck driver had went to the cabin for just a minute to grab something, and then thieves made their move and stole the car.

Luckily, the car is equipped with the BMW Assist tracking device. “We’re tracking the car right now,” says Stacy Morris, the marketing communications manager for BMW of North America. Despite this however, the Detroit Police have not found the car yet.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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One thought on “Thieves steal $94,000 BMW 7 Series in Detroit during NAIAS

  1. bmw newsy says:

    this is such a weird news. so much of loss ..and a such a big crime and they actually succeeded in doing that ?? stratnge

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