Volkswagen to unveil new car at NAIAS, likely the New Midsize Sedan

Volkswagen has teased a new car on their website, set to be revealed January 10th at the North American International Auto Show. This will most likely be the New Midsize Sedan.

The New Midsize Sedan will be replacing the North American Passat, and it will probably bear a more creative name by January 10th.

We saw spy shots of the car without camouflage in early December, and the car looks very similar to the European Passat, although the rear end takes inspiration from the Jetta, as opposed to Phaeton inspiration on the Passat. A badge was spotted on the spy shots, but the quality was too poor to read. However, some very close observation and Photoshop work leads us to believe that the name will be something along the lines of Lexa. We’ll find out for sure next week.

Source: Volkswagen

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