Lamborghini’s future product plan slips out

Lamborghini’s product plan for the next 10 years has made its way onto the Internet, revealing plans for quite an interesting lineup of exotica.

The plan suggests that the Estoque sedan will be making it into production by 2014. Not only that, but it will also spawn a convertible concept in 2015, a production convertible in 2017, a facelift and 2+2 coupe concept in 2020, and a production coupe in 2021. A hybrid/alternative fuel version of the Estoque is likely, but initially it will be powered by a next-gen V10 set to power the successor to the Gallardo.

This successor is said to be called the Cabrera, named after one of the foundational bloodlines of Spanish fighting bulls. It will debut in 2013 with the aforementioned next-gen V10 under the hood, producing 570 horsepower. While it will be slightly larger than the Gallardo, it will also be slightly lighter. The Spyder variant will follow in 2014 with a folding fabric roof. A Superleggera will come in 2017, put on a 150 kg diet and with power bumped up to 595 horsepower. Only 250 Superleggeras will be made. 2018 will mark the Cabrera’s mid-life facelift, and it should end production sometime in 2024.

Before the Cabrera is released though, the Gallardo will have one final hurrah later this year in the form of the LP550-2 Spyder. This should simply be a convertible version of the LP550-2, but not much details are revealed.

As for the flagship Aventador, the roadster is due next year, equipped with a multi-piece carbon fibre top which will mount on hidden hardpoints and stow away in the trunk. Then in 2015, we will be seeing the Super Veloce version, which will lose 150 kg compared to the standard car and gain 50 hp, as well as a rear wing. The Aventador coupe and roadster will be facelifted in 2016 and inherit the engine upgrades from the SV to become the LP750-4 range. Then in 2018, a “LP850-4 Jota” based on the Aventador will be launched. This will lose an enormous 250 kg over the standard car while putting out 850 hp. Just 50 Jotas will be made. By 2021, the Aventador will be discontinued.

Lastly, the Sesto Elemento technology concept is also said to be destined for production sometime in 2012. Not much is known about it, but we expect it to be a very limited production run with a very high price tag.


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