McLaren MP4-12C production slowed to sort out quality issues

In true, British style, the guys at McLaren have had to slow production of the MP4-12C to sort out some “minor” quality issues.

These issues include condensation in the headlamps, door operation, or rather lack of, and a battery-draining problem. On a relative scale they are indeed minor, but last I checked, the ability to open your car door was necessary to, you know, drive it.

Nonetheless, at least McLaren has recognized the issues and is currently working on getting them fixed. They also claim that not all delivered models have been affected. However, the 179 North American units on order will be delayed by two to three weeks while McLaren sorts everything out, but dealership demonstration vehicles are expected to be delivered to the US as scheduled.

Source: AutoWeek

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One thought on “McLaren MP4-12C production slowed to sort out quality issues

  1. Well that’ s really a big problem for the consumer. Quality is really important.

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