Meet the BMW 4 Series Coupe – because 3 Series Coupe just didn’t float their boat

Have you ever looked at the BMW 3 Series Coupe and just thought to yourself, “I wish it were a series up.”? Nor have I. But BMW hasn’t been a terribly big fan of logical lineups lately, so they’ve replaced the 3 Series Coupe with this 4 Series Coupe.

BMW claims that “The ‘4’ doesn’t just mark the start of a new cycle, it represents the zenith of a development curve. BMW has given the new model its own individual character and a standalone design – and, in so doing, has turned ‘4’ into segment shorthand for aesthetic and dynamic appeal. The latest addition to a nomenclature that sees BMW building on the fine tradition of its large BMW 6 Series and BMW 8 Series Coupes, the ‘4’ stands for greater sportiness, greater exclusivity and even clearer differentiation from the BMW 3 Series range.” I hope I’m not the only one who cringed when I read that – it’s a bunch of marketing claptrap.

The car you’re looking at in the photos is actually a concept. But make no mistake, recent history shows us that BMW’s concept cars don’t differ much from the production version, and this is unlikely to be an exception. And in this case that seems to be a good thing, because the elegant lines of the 4 Series look excellent. It does, however, look a little larger than its predecessor – because it is. The car is 50 mm longer and 44 mm wider, but 16 mm lower.

Since the car is still in concept stages, that’s pretty much everything I can tell you about it. But until the production version is revealed, feel free to have a look at the car in the gallery below.

Source: BMW

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