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Visual Overhaul

In the coming day or two, the blog, and its pages on Twitter and Facebook, will be receiving a visual overhaul, which will go hand in hand with the new banner. Alex is doing it all, and a great thanks to him for it. Changes include new avatars for me and Alex, a new Twitter avatar and background and a new Facebook avatar. Also under consideration is a new theme, which may mean the banner will be changing yet again, as the current one may not be compatible with the new theme. This is only under consideration at the moment though, while everything else is definitely coming, and most of it is ready, just needs to be uploaded. Hopefully everyone will like these changes.

Slight Changes

You might notice some slight changes I’ve made to the blog.

The new theme removed the search function, I’ve added it back again. And the Twitter sidebar is back. There is now a list of latest Tweets in the sidebar. The last time I did this was back on the Blogetery hosted blog, and it didn’t function properly. Hopefully this one will be fine.

Oh, you’ll also notice on the Facebook page that the size of pictures in the links has shrunk. This is a Facebook-wide thing, and I don’t know why it’s been done, as it now looks hideous. Though maybe it’s just my computer.

Lastly, if you haven’t already done so, please vote in the following two polls. Your vote will help us make this blog a better place.

Oh, and if you vote “No” for our new theme, please comment and tell us what you dislike about it, your feedback is important.