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Ferrari Developing Turbocharging

Ferrari F430 engine

More Ferrari news on the blog today, apparently the Maranello manufacturer is planning to turbocharge some of its future models. With the 458 now launched we can only guess that this could appear in their road cars as soon as the next model. Or maybe even in the next limited edition one. Ferrari engine developer Jean-Jacques stated: “Turbocharging will come eventually, but we need to solve the issue of turbo lag.” I have a question for Mr. Jean-Jacques: do you remember the F40? That had 2 turbos and far from no lag. It’s been 22 years since the last turbocharged road-legal Ferrari (I may not be right) and I would like to say a turbocharged one is more than welcome. Just imagine the power. Their engines turn out already more than 100bhp/litre of displacement, just imagine what turbos will do. The Frenchman also said that they won’t be using the Fiat turbo technology anytime soon but they did bolt some turbos to a F430. It’s also said that they won’t use turbos anytime soon.

Source: Autocar

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