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Land Rover recalls 2010 Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover is recalling 4,001 Range Rovers, model year 2010, due to an issue with the passenger-side airbag. It may not deploy properly in the event of a collision.

The reason is a bit odd: The 2010 Range Rover “may experience airbag warning lamp illumination on the instrument cluster,” said the NHTSA. “This warning lamp may clear on each subsequent ignition cycle. The passenger airbag will be disabled when the airbag warning lamp is illuminated as a result of this defect and the passenger airbag warning disable lamp in the overhead console will also illuminate. Deployment of the passenger airbag may not be achieved in the event of a vehicle crash, increasing the risk of injury.”

The recall will begin December 21st. Dealers will update the vehicle’s control module with the integrated diagnostics system tool with updated software.

If you own a 2010 Range Rover, contact your dealer and arrange to get the fix installed. Refrain from driving the car until the fix is installed.

Source: Inside Line

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