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Silverstone Gets F1 GP Deal

After all the controversy and scandal between Donington and Silverstone these months, it has finally been set: Silverstone will retain the F1 British GP for the 2010 calendar of Formula 1. It all looked lost for Silverstone as last year Bernie Ecclestone signed a 17-year deal with Donington Park to host the F1 GP’s from 2010 on. Unfortunately, Donington didn’t have enough money for the project so Bernie ripped their contract, talked with Silverstone and here we are today: It’s all official.

The deal will also be for 17 years as the British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) announced the agreement today. The BRDC president, a certain Damon Hill said: “Everyone was well aware that the British GP is not just a sporting event, but it is dynamo of the industry in this country. Losing it would have been damaging and perhaps there would have been no coming back.”. Personally, I would have liked to see Donington on the calendar rather than Silverstone as it is for me a much better track with that something else that makes it great. Bernie threatened however throughout the year that a British GP isn’t necessary just to remind the guy’s who’s the boss but only to put that little more pressure on the circuit managers. Silverstone has also announced a modernization for the pits and the paddock.

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