Fathers of the world, your perfect car has arrived: the MTM RS6 R


Fathers usually need something which can carry a dog, several children, a wife, and lots of luggage. A station wagon often does the job. The problem is, what if dad wants to have some fun? The average station wagon can’t do fun. Well, the crazy Germans have a solution for you!

It’s called the MTM RS6 R, and at first glance, it’s just an Audi RS6 Avant, which, by itself, already seems like the car for the job. Don’t be fooled though, this car is amazing. It packs 702hp and 785nm of torque (Electronically limited so that you don’t set fire to your tires). 0-100kph (Roughly 62mph) is dealt with in 4.2 seconds, 0-200kph (Roughly 124mph) in 11 seconds. This car has existed for some time now, but the most phenomenal figure was discovered just a few days ago at the Nardo ring.

Now, if you know what the Nardo ring is, you’ll know what figure I’m talking about. If you don’t, allow me to explain. The Nardo ring is a large “ring” of road, 12.5 km around (About 7.8 miles). It’s a track where cars are tested for their top speeds. So, yes, the figure we’re talking about is top speed. German automotive magazine Auto Motor und Sport was there a few days ago, and one of the cars they had with them was this RS6 R. It was the fastest car there, clocking an amazing top speed of 344.2kph (214mph for everyone who uses imperial units). Among the cars it outran were 2-door sports cars!


This really is dad’s perfect car. Heck, even if you’re not a father, you’ve got to love it. It’s insanely mad! The most amazing thing is though, that this isn’t the most powerful version. The most powerful version is the 730hp version (Same amount of electronically limited torque as the 702hp version though). 28hp difference might not be a lot, but nonetheless, I’d love to see how that would do. Full story will be posted on Auto Motor und Sport soon.

Source: MTM via Autoblog

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