Noble founder reveals plans for 650 hp supercar

Lee Noble, the founder of Noble, has announced plans to make a closed-roof, mid-engined two seat supercar with 650hp and a price tag of less than 100,000 British Pounds (Around 165,000 USD).

He sold Noble back in 2006, and now he’s embarking on this project. The car will be built in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, by the same people who built the Noble M12.

He hasn’t revealed any names yet, but there are plenty of details on the car. The car will use a gasoline engine and have all-round double wishbone suspension with steel brakes (No ABS as befits a proper driver’s car) and a space frame chassis. The engine will have eight cylinders and between 400 and 650hp, “depending on how much money the customer wants to spend”. It will use the same six-speed Graziano manual used in the Noble M600, and the weight should be around 1200 kilos. The base price will be 70,000 British Pounds (Roughly 115,000 USD) and high-end models shouldn’t cost more than 100,000  (About 165,000 USD as stated earlier).

He’s promising Ferrari Enzo performance for this price, really looking forward to it.  No more than 100 will be produced each year though.

Source: Autocar

Note: The car in the picture is the Noble M15, the last car Noble fully developed under Lee Noble’s control

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