E-Mail Subscription and Possible Facebook Changes

I have added another method of following our blog. You may subscribe to the blog through e-mail now.

To do so, find the “E-Mail Subscription” section in the sidebar. WordPress users can simply press “Sign me up!” and the e-mail their account uses will automatically be signed up. People who aren’t registered at WordPress will need to enter their e-mail and then press the “Sign me up!” button.

Besides this, we are considering shutting down the Facebook group and instead starting a fan page. This will bring updates directly to your news feed, rather than having to visit the group page. I believe some other differences exist as well, though I’m not too sure what they are. Please express your opinion on this matter in the following poll. We’d also like you to comment and tell us why you chose whichever option you chose in the poll.

0 thoughts on “E-Mail Subscription and Possible Facebook Changes

  1. taras k says:

    hey igor, i think that a fan page would be much better . many people join many pages because of the addictive button “become a fan” considering the hundreds of fan page notificationsyou get on your home page

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