Ford announces plans for new police interceptor

Ford has announced plans to make a replacement for the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor by 2011.

Ford says it will be engineered and built in the US, and that it will offer better fuel efficiency, quality, safety, and performance than the Crown Victoria. Further details will be released during the first quarter of 2010.

Most news outlets are predicting that it will be based on the Ford Falcon, and I reckon they’re right. There’s a slim chance it might be based on the Taurus, but it might not be durable enough. The Falcon seems to have everything needed. Though perhaps they’ll take the path of Carbon Motors, creators of the purpose-built E7, and create a purpose-built police interceptor. That isn’t possible unless they’ve been developing it all this time though, as 2 years to develop a whole car isn’t enough. You never know how long they’ve been developing it though. Guess we’ll have to wait until further details are revealed.

Source: Jalopnik

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