Tata already modifying Nano based on feedback

Being the world’s cheapest car at $2,500, you wouldn’t expect people to complain about the Tata Nano’s features. Looks like people have been complaining though, and luckily for them Tata has been listening, and is planning changes for the Nano based on this feedback.

One of the biggest complaints is the speed, or rather lack of. That’s to be expected in a car with only 33hp, but nonetheless, Tata will be trying to improve this by raising the red line from 5,000RPM to 6,000RPM. They are also considering a five-speed manual gearbox, but the Indian market will likely continue using the current four-speed.

The electronic limit of 65mph will remain for safety reasons, and that limit renders the fifth gear obsolete, but the European market will be getting a five-speed manual nonetheless. Perhaps the limit will be lifted or raised for them.

Another feature that will be added is a tailgate. The current Nano doesn’t have a hatch at the back, or door or anything at all, so to get into the trunk you have to go to the rear row of seats and fold the seats down. There will also be a new side mirror assembly to make way for future power mirrors and a “check strap” for limiting how far the doors open.

I’m just wondering what all these changes will do to the price, especially with Nissan now hunting the Nano down, and the Japanese are brilliant at good value for money.

Source: Autoblog

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