The new M3 CSL

After releasing highly controversial cars like the 5′ er GT, X5M and X6M, BMW get their act together finally by releasing a car that wants to be just one thing: a stripped-out track car that you can use on the road.

To put it simply, it’s the new M3 CSL, now called GTS, and it’s like a normal M3, only more hardcore. It’s now got a rear wing to push those wheels down into the tarmac, as well as a roll bar, racing seats with 4-point harnesses and that most charming of touches: a fire extinguisher. So if your brand new Beemer suddenly bursts into flames you’ll be quite relaxed to know it’s all there. Not that you’re going to be away from intense heat, because now the big V8 upfront has been enlarged to 4.4L, sending no less than 450 bhp to the rear wheels. And not only do you get more power, you also get less weight.

Besides the carbon fibre roof already present on the standard M3, you get no rear seats, silencers made out of titanium, and a lighter center console and door linings. All this results  in a total weight of 1,490 kg. With all this to shout about, BMW hasn’t actually released any proper facts about the M3 GTS, so we can only guess the 0-60 time. We also don’t know if this car will have a limiter like the normal M3, bugging the car down at 155mph. For now, just drool at the photos.

Source: eurocarblog

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