Renault puts blob into production

Renault has confirmed that they will put the Twizy ZE concept into production in 2011.

It’s basically a 2-seater (Yeah, they’ve actually managed to cram 2 seats in it) city car which Renault says is the perfect size for today’s big cities. It’s powered by an electric engine producing a whopping 20 bhp, so it’s as fast as a normal scooter. Top speed is about 50mph and I think it will get quite decent off the line performance as electric engines usually have a lot of torque which is instantly available.

The thing that I always have with these cars is: who is going to buy it? I mean yes, it will be eco-friendly, but it will probably cost just under 5600€ when it arrives so it’s not that cheap, you can get a brand new scooter for a lot less than that which is, I think, just as practical. The other niggle that I have with it is its looks. For sure, I like futuristic looking cars, but this one with its tall and thin blob-shaped body is not really a looker. And then you’ll have to charge the battery up when you get home. So to recap: it’s expensive, slow and ugly but it’s also supposedly eco-friendly, small and futuristic.

Source: Autocar

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