Toyota’s Formula 1 Car Up for Sale

Toyota is selling off the plans for their 2010 Formula 1 car, now that they’ve pulled out of Formula 1.

It’s called the TF110, and the manufacturer claims the design has been fully completed and just needs a team now.

There are four new teams entering Formula 1 next season: Lotus, Campos, USF1 and Manor. Lotus and Campos already have contractors developing their cars, so USF1 and Manor are the ones most likely to be interested. Lola may also have a Formula 1 chassis up for sale after its entry was rejected by the FIA.

Toyota pulled out of Formula 1 to concentrate on their road cars, and an interesting thing to note is that they claim they will make more “fun” cars now. I haven’t seen a fun car from Toyota in ages, but the FT-86 concept and Lexus LFA might be the first of a series of cars set to revive the brand’s old image of cheap, fun cars. Well, except that the LFA isn’t cheap, and it lacks a proper transmission. The FT-86 though is definitely a step in the right direction.

Source: Autocar

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