Volvo Recalls XC60

It must be recall season, because there have been an insane amount of recalls lately, and here’s yet another one. Volvo is recalling their XC60.

There are 8,438 affected cars. The problem is that the driver’s seatbelt could become detached from the seat frame in a side impact crash, as was discovered during safety testing by the NHTSA.

The NHTSA say “The driver’s seat side cover panel (seat control panel) in certain driver-side impacts may release the attachment of the seatbelt to the seat frame. Should this condition occur in a crash, the seatbelt may fail to properly restrain the occupants, increasing the risk of injury.”

There have been no reports of this happening outside tests, but better safe than sorry, so they’re recalling them.

Dealerships will be modifying the inside of the driver’s seat side cover panel to fix this. The recall should begin on December 15th.

If you own a XC60, my advice would be to call up your local dealer, or Volvo directly (US number is (800) 458-1552), and schedule the fix as soon as possible. Try not to drive the car until the fix is installed, as it’s hard to say whether or not you’ll get into a crash which may trigger this problem.

Source: Inside Line

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