Audi Reveals Details on Upcoming A1

Audi has revealed some details on their upcoming A1, pictured in the spy shot above.

It will cost about 22,000 USD. There won’t be any downmarket models, such as the Mini First model, a budget version of the normal Cooper. It will be a premium car. A fully equipped A1 could end up costing well over 33,000 USD.

A lot of the underpinnings will be taken from the Volkswagen Polo, which can be considered a good thing, as it was voted European Car of the Year recently. There won’t be a badge designating the engine, as Audi says that engine sizes will be getting smaller in the future, and that the buyers won’t want to show the world that they are downsizing.

The car will go on sale near the end of 2010.

Source: Evo Magazine

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