Electric Fiat 500 to join Chrysler-badged Lancia in Detroit

A few days ago, we reported about the possibility of a Chrysler-badged Lancia appearing in Detroit, most likely the Delta. Now, it is being said that an electric Fiat 500 will be joining this car.

It will most likely not make it into production. Even if it does, it will be a while before that happens, especially since the polar-opposite of it, the 500 Abarth, has been confirmed as the first 500 to make it to North America. The rest of the Fiat 500 lineup will be appearing at Detroit as well, presumably in North American market form. This includes the normal 500, the Abarth, and the 500C.

I think the 500 is a great car, so it’ll be nice to see whether or not they’ve kept it in good shape for the North American market.

Source: Detroit Free Press and Automotive News – sub. req. via MotorAuthority

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