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Ferrari Builds Fiat 500 Endurace Racer

Just look at that back spoiler! It could easily go on a jumbo-jet.

Well since the Fiat 500 was launched we had the privilege to witness quite a few mad versions of it: first it was the 500 Abarth which was quite frisky with 135 horsepower but then someone decided that what they actually needed was more power, so they did a 160 bhp model. Now for a car this small 160 horses is quite insane.  But no. We then got the  Assetto Corse which was a stripped-out , rollcaged version for touring car racing. By this version we already had 3 hot 500’s. But then we got more: they’ve made a Ferrari tribute model, a rallying 500 and now we’ve got this: The Fiat 500 GT endurance racer. You might think it’s a cute, cheap, italian city car. With a 1.4 litre engine you might think it’s slow as well but mad people at work have managed to extract a whopping 360 horsepower out of it! That’s 250 bhp per litre of displacement! Not even a Ferrari can manage that! Tully bonkers! It’s built for endurance racing by a guy called Romeo Ferraris (that I think explains the article title) and it will debut at the 6 Hours of Vallelunga endurance race on November 22. Now I love small, Italian cars and this has to be the absolute ultimate really. I’m just curious what wil it do in the race. Even if it fails spectacularly, I don’t care because it’s just a brilliant piece of engineering.

Source: Autoblog

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Yet Another Special Edition Fiat 500

There have been plenty of special edition 500s, the Barbie editon (What the hell were they thinking), the 695 Tributo Ferrari. My personal favourite is actually the Hamann tuned 500. Now though, there’s another special 500.

It’s called the 500 Abarth SpeedGrey by Neubauer. As the name suggests, it’s grey, and it’s been made by a company called Neubauer. This company is the official distributor of the 500 Abarth in France. It’s based on the Abarth EsseEsse. Now while it looks like an EsseEsse in a grey suit, the changes go beyond the new paintjob, which, by the way, is Maserati grey. To give it a bit more punch, it’s gotten a new Monza exhaust system. Sadly though, this hasn’t given it much more power, only 5 extra horses to be exact. They’ve also given it some Sabelt bucket seats (Though I believe these exact seats are an option on the normal car), though they only weigh 10 kilos less than the standard seats, window tint, and a Blue&Me navigation system. Doesn’t sound very promising to be honest, they’ve lost less than 10 kilos (Less than 10 because of the navigation and tint, though those probably shouldn’t weigh more than a kilo) and gained a measly 5 horsepower.

Nonetheless, I quite like it. Simply because of the paintjob to be honest, as the car looks brilliant in Maserati grey, but I still like it. And even if the performance difference is small, it exists. Problem is, only 10 will be made, and all of them will be sold in the French market.

So then, perhaps Fiat wouldn’t mind painting a Hamann tuned 500 in Maserati grey for me? Pretty please?

Source: Autoblog

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