Great Wall comes to the UK

Great Wall

But no, it’s not what you’re thinking. The Chinese haven’t gone mad and, no the Great Wall of China will not be shipped to the UK. Instead, the Chinese car maker Great Wall, a manufacturer you’ve probably never heard of, has announced that it will sell cars in the UK.

Great Wall is a Chinese car manufacturer that makes stuff like that SUV above and this small hatchback below. Their cars are quite cheap and their styling seems to feature elements found on other vehicles as well, a trait that a lot of Chinese cars seem to have. However, they plan to sell cars in the UK beginning in 2011 as they have signed a deal with IM Group, a company that imports Subarus, Daihatsus and Isuzus to the United Kingdom as well.

Before they start to sell cars in the UK tough, Great Wall has set up a little “accommodation” test as they plan to import cars to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 2010, before their 2011 launch on the British market. The importer group stated that Great Wall have revised their cars in order to meet European safety regulations, quoting them as “high standards of crash-worthiness”.

Source: Autocar

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