Help Saab stay alive!

Saab United is urging everyone to write e-mails to Ed Whitacre, CEO of GM, telling him to sell Saab rather than kill it off. I would like to join the folks over there in trying to help Saab by asking that all our readers write a brief, polite and passionate e-mail, telling Mr. Whitacre to sell Saab.

His e-mail is ““. We can’t delay. With the discussions with Swedish government taking place today, and the deadline for a decision on Spyker’s offer today as well, we must get our thoughts out as soon as possible.

I will be writing my e-mail soon, and I will urge Alex to write one as well once I get a hold of him. Please support Saab.

Speaking of Saab’s future, there have been some details revealed about what other parties are interested in Saab. Saab United claims that Merbanco has teamed with a Swedish consortium (This Swedish consortium is supposedly the unknown group which was interested in Saab but hadn’t contacted them) to try and buy Saab. Merbanco used to be in the running, but GM wasn’t interested in their offer.

So then, we’ve now got 4 parties trying to stop the death of Saab: Spyker with their new offer, the Swedish government, Merbanco and the Swedish consortium they’ve teamed with, and lastly, you and me. That last one will only work if you write that e-mail. So please do, then we can join forces with the bidders and the government and save Saab.

Source: Saab United via Jalopnik

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0 thoughts on “Help Saab stay alive!

  1. I cannot believe this will work!

  2. Igor Magun says:

    You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. So it’s always worth a try, just takes a minute or two to write up the e-mail.

  3. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  4. I really love cars and everything around it :). We are so lucky to live in this era don’t you think? Your post was a good read by the way!

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