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Aston Martin One-77

We have news from Aston Martin today as the British car manufacturer has won the”Manufacturer of the Year Award” and its stunning One-77 supercar got close to setting has set a personal company record.

The Manufacturer of the Year Award was organized by the automotive magazine CAR Middle East. CAR is originally a British publication but they have been spreading around the world lately. The ceremony was held at The Address Downtown Burj Dubai and the magazine organized 15 award categories for the automotive industry. What more can we say but well done Aston!

The second big news is that the company has been testing its One-77 in order to meet the established production date in 2010. But in our case, we are interested in one particular sort of car testing: high-speed testing. The 7.3-litre V12 engine propelled the car to an impressive 220.007mph (354.86kmh) in the dry. The track location is secret but we do know that it’s somewhere in southern Europe so my guess would be the Nardo high-speed bowl in Italy. Aston’s engineers were expecting a figure around the 200mph mark but now the car has proven its true ability. The Brits claim that the One-77 came close to setting set a new all-time record for an Aston’s top speed. The previous fastest Aston Martin was the Vanquish with a top speed of over 200mph. However, the record will be valid only when the car will finally roll out the factory gate in production form.

Source: Aston Martin

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