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Germany’s ADAC car club caught vote-rigging coveted yearly auto award


Car awards are greatly sought after by manufacturers around the world — there’s no greater marketing pitch than a ‘Car of the Year’ title. In the competitive domestic market of Germany, it doesn’t get much better than the Yellow Angel award from Europe’s largest car club, ADAC. Unfortunately, the club admitted to meddling the numbers for this highly-coveted distinction on Monday.

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AOL Autos announces 2012 Technology of the Year finalists – here’s my pick

Awards can be pretty important in the automotive world. Give an automaker an award and they’ll bang on about it for a pretty long while, before hopefully moving on to another one. And in this day and age, what more appropriate award than Technology of the Year? AOL Autos has just such an award, and is asking for people to vote on it from their list of finalists. Here’s what I voted for.

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2010 World Car of the Year finalists released, top 3 to be announced in Geneva

The World Car of the Year jury has announced their top 10 finalists for 2010. The top 3 will be announced in Geneva, while the actual awards will be given out at the New York International Auto Show.

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Car of the Year: Winner

Yes, this is the big one. The best car of the year. This must excel in everything. It should be able to satisfy the little child in you, while taking you shopping and your children to school safely and comfortably. Price shouldn’t be too high either.

Based on all these things, we have picked the overall winner for our 2009 Car of the Year. And the best car in 2009 was:

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Supercar of the Year: Winner

Time has come to announce our winner for the Supercar of the Year trophy from 2009. This and the upcoming Car of the Year award are the most prestigious ones we’ve done so far. We had plenty of nominees in this category as 2009 was a brilliant year for supercars and it really was tough to choose the winner.

However, we’ve argued and argued until we found a worthy winner. And that winner, our 2009 Supercar of the Year is:

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Cheap Car of the Year: Revision

We have discovered that we made a bit of an error during the Cheap Car of the Year awards. Our winner, the Renault Twingo, was first released in 2007, not 2009 as we originally thought. This means we will move our runner-up, the Volkswagen Polo, into winner position, and will be deciding a new runner-up shortly. Sorry for this mistake, stay tuned for the revised results.

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