Spyker Leading in Saab Bidding


Spyker is now apparently GM’s preferred bidder for Saab. General Motors says that their preferred buyers fits the following: they are well versed in small scale car production and they should be interested in keeping production in Saab’s homeland, Sweden. Spyker fits those requirements nicely. They also say their preferred buyer has been mentioned by press before, and Spyker has been.

There is a bit of trouble though. If General Motors can’t sell Saab by 2010, they will shut it down. If negotiations are well under way but a deal hasn’t been sealed by January, General Motors may be willing to keep Saab running a little longer while they complete a deal. Maybe. Now, if Spyker were aware of this deadline, maybe everything would be fine, but it is being said that Spyker is, or was up until now, unaware of it. Hopefully everything will go down just fine and Saab will live on.

Source: Reuters via Autoblog

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