Car of the Year Nominees: Part 1

So then, you voted for Car of the Year awards, and we’re organizing them.

There will be quite a few crummy prestigious awards: Worst Car of the Year, Tuned Car of the Year, Family Car of the Year, Cheap Car of the Year, Executive Car of the Year, Supercar of the Year, and of course, an overall winner, the Car of the Year. This has to excel in as many areas as possible. A car has to have been released, put on sale, or updated during 2009 to be eligible for any of the awards. We will release nominees 2 categories at a time, with the exception of The Car of the Year, which will get it’s own post after all the others are posted. So then, here are the nominees for the first two categories, Worst Car of the Year and Tuned Car of the Year.

Worst Car of the Year

Now this is one of my favourites and quite important – it’s the WORST car of the year. Yes, we save you the pain of searching through 2009’s pile of misery as we nominate those cars so awful they’d make you think the ZAZ 968 was a brilliant machine.

Scion xB Release Series 7.0: A dull box with a bodykit taped on and then painted in the most hideous shade of paint we’ve ever seen

Citroen C3 Pluriel Charleston: As if the C3 Pluriel wasn’t embarrassing enough, this one tries to be a 2cv. That’s like saying “I’m awful but I will try to be even worse!”

BMW X6M: A hideous and pointless disgrace to the M division

DC Designs Tata Nano: What they’ve done here is take a cheap, slow, ugly car, and glue on a plastic bodykit.

Tuned Car of the Year

Trying to improve a car is a disease which some of us have. We look for the folks who did their job the best in 2009 trying to bring us the best Tuned Car of the Year.

9ff BT-2: A deadly GT2, but with added deadliness, and an awesome Gulf livery so you can go through the pearly gates in style.

Autodelta Alfa Romeo Brera S: The Brera looks beautiful, but always needed a bit more power, and this car fixes that.

MTM RS6 R: A sensible, German, family estate…with 730hp and 785nm of torque. A car good enough to scare your family to death on a track day but take you comfortably to work every day is worthy of our call.

9ff GT9-R: A last minute entry in our nominations award, again from Porsche fanatics 9ff. These guys really know what they’re doing and now they managed to extract a truly massive 1120 bhp! The result is that this power monster will hit 414 kph.

That’s it for this time. More will be released later. Feel free to express your opinions on who should win each category and why. You may also suggest that certain cars aren’t eligible and we will look into it.

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