Chevy Caprice and El Camino may make a comeback

Officials from General Motors have said that the Caprice and El Camino may be revived in North America. While we have got the Caprice as a police interceptor, we’re talking about a road car available to public. Meanwhile, the El Camino would be based on a ute from GM Australia.

Bob Lutz, talking with, said that he would like to see a Holden Commodore-based sedan in North America. Not just any Commodore-based sedan however, as he said “we have the next generation Commodore in as a police vehicle then we want to take a look at reintroducing a civil version as a high-end Chevrolet.” So if this were to become a reality, it would most likely be badged as a Caprice, just like the police variant. However, he also mentioned it “would be sold in limited numbers.” According to him, this is because “with US fuel economy legislation we can’t afford to sell too many of them.” Backing this up are previous rumours of a Holden Commodore-based Caprice revival arriving in North America, as well as Mark Reuss, GM North America’s new president. He told that General Motors wanted the Commodore in its line-up. However, Lutz has said before that there wouldn’t be a civil Caprice, so it’s hard to say what will happen. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

As for the El Camino, Mark Reuss was speaking with, and said that the Holden VE Ute could come to North America, possibly wearing the famed El Camino name.

We had the Commodore-based Pontiac G8 GXP, and plans for a Pontiac G8 ST, based on a Holden ute, but then GM went bankrupt. With GM pulling themselves out of their poor financial state, the revival of these plans makes sense. I’m really hoping they become a reality.

Source:, via Autoblog, and via Jalopnik | Image: Wikimedia Commons

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