Family Car of the Year: Winner

After failing to post another category winner yesterday due to lack of time, we reveal our Family Car of the Year today. Lots of space and a clever interior is what we’re searching for, but good looks and proper handling are the really big pluses. And our Family Car of the Year is:

Citroen C3 Picasso

When I first caught sight of the new C3 Picasso production model I could not believe my eyes. How can an MPV look so funky yet be so practical? It’s cheap as well, has a lot of kit and oh, did I mention the way it looks? A car you can carry the kids with but dad won’t get bored behind the wheel. A worthy partner for families and drivers as well.

Runner Up: Volvo XC60

The only reason why the Volvo is not our winner is because it’s an SUV. We believes MPVs are better, so we decided the Swede should get a dignifying second place.

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