Honda unveils New Small Concept at Auto Expo

One of the most important and most expected cars at this year’s Auto Expo in New Delhi is undoubtedly Honda’s New Small Concept. Honda “teased” us by releasing the name of their car one month ago, but now we’ve got pictures and details.

The design in interesting to say the least, and a bit on the striking side. However, the most important thing when a new car is designed for the Indian market is the price. Companies usually sell cheap cars there as they are the most successful. Honda did their homework here because the upcoming car based on the New Small Concept is set to cost just $10,823. The road version will go on sale by 2011 in India and Thailand.

Honda’s executive vice president Koichi Kondo said that this car is also a response to the latest global trends. “To raise Honda’s presence further in this market, a small car like this is necessary,[…]Downsizing and fuel economy are a major trend globally too.”

The engine will only have a maximum displacement of 1.2 litres, but that means lower taxes and low fuel consumption, ideal for the markets it will be sold in.

This Honda is not expected to arrive in the US or Europe anytime soon, if at all. Although it is small on the outside, it can seat 5 people in comfort according to Honda.

Press Release:

Honda to Exhibit the Honda New Small Concept at Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi

January 5, 2010 — Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. (HSCI), a leading manufacturer of premium cars in India, today unveiled the world premiere of the Honda New Small Concept, a concept model for a new small-sized vehicle, at the Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi. HSCI also announced plans to begin sales of a new model in 2011 based on this concept model.

For the Honda New Small Concept, a wide platform with a stable center of gravity was adopted to create a highly efficient compact size with seating for five people. With the “Efficient Energetic Exterior” design, the dynamic design of the Honda New Small Concept with front forward fenders highlight the presence of the vehicle.

Honda is planning to introduce a new model based on the Honda New Small Concept in 2011, in India and also in Thailand.
Honda will strive to provide a new small-sized vehicle that is beyond the expectations of customers in rapidly growing markets and offer it at an affordable price by leveraging Honda’s global parts sourcing network.

Source: Honda and Autoblog

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